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What is Distributor advantage?
You can purchase our exclusive, quality-checked teas at steep discounts.

How does Ressa Tea make our tea distinguishable?
Different types of teas are blended in our formula. They would either refresh your soul, claim your mind or soothe your throat.


The common ground is they are premium tea.

How long does the delivery take?
We work with our delivery partners in Hong Kong to deliver our teas within 1-2 business days.

For the overseas order, we will confirm the shipment time when you place an order. It normally ship out within 7 business days.

What's the minimum order quantity?
In Hong Kong, we have different requirement for Food & Beverage customers and retail shop, please contact us for details.


For overseas distributors, the minimum order requirement of 5 kg. The 5 kg order could be a combination of all the different teas available in stock or of just 1 type of tea.


Can I place a recurring order?
Yes, we can help set this up for you.


Can I sell your products in my store?
Yes, you are very welcomed to do so and we will work with you to design a retail show case. Please do get in touch with us for more details.

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